We’re looking for highly motivated individuals with:

  • Excellent Reading Skills
  • Intermediate or Advanced Computer Skills
  • A Professional Business Attitude
  • Sales Experience
  • Ability to Work 25 to 35 Hours Per Week
  • A College Degree in Business, Marketing, or Communications

What's In It For You?

  • Unique resume experience working for a start-up company
  • Ability to work PART-TIME HOURS, but earn FULL-TIME PAY
  • Personal Growth and Recognition; Integrity in the Workplace; Positive Work Environment
  • Paid Training
  • Full‐time Employment Consideration (if you really kick tail)
  • Letters of Recommendation For Graduate School or Future Employment
  • Business-casual Environment
  • Flexible Work Schedule (able to work between classes and on weekends)

Job Description

This part-time position is geared towards increasing sales and managing client accounts. Your primary responsibilities will be three-fold:

  • Step 1: Lead Penetration - Follow-up on potential clients to qualify and categorize leads.
  • Step 2: Sales Strategy Execution - Executing all office sales strategies and selling techniques to increase sales and onboard clients.
  • Step 3: Account Management - Develop client accounts and manage all aspects of customer relations.

How To Apply!

Gather the following:

  • Your one-page resume
  • A cover letter that explains why you'd be great at this job
  • Your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter link (just so we know you're a real person, we won't poke you)

And email it all to: Andrew Reichert at areichert@gofinancialaid.com

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