10 Dorm Supplies You Didn't Know You Needed

  1. Bedside Caddy
    Use a bedside caddy to keep important supplies nice and close by. Hide your remote, favorite read, or wahtever you want at arms length at all times! 
  2. Backrest Pillow
    Backrest Pillows, Husband Pillows, Bedrest Pillows, or wahtever you call them! When desks get cramped and chairs just do not give you the comfort you require while reading a textbook, writing a scholarship essay, or applying for the FAFSA, this type of pillow is a must for your dorm room! Comfortable and supportive, they leave you without neckpain during a cram session. 
  3. Cascading Hangers
    Cascading Hangers create extra space (a luxury item when you live in a dorm) in your cramped dorm closet or armoir. They will give you more space for clothes - giving you an excuse to get more university gear too!
  4. Hanging Closet Shelves
    Not only do these come in handy for shoes, but they can be repurposed as hanging shelves for a pantry in your dorm! You will be surprised how many little food supplies you acquire when you have a mini fridge and a microwave
  5. Hollow Books
    Have a spot for your most important miscellaneous items you do not want on display for people your roommate may be bringing through the room. This disguise creates a classy look while hiding some of your possessions. 
  6. Photos
    You are goign to miss home, a lot, especially if you are making a long distance move. Having a few photos of friends and family can quickly turn a space from foreign to familiar. 
  7. Safe
    Although you and your roomate may be instantaneous BFFS, it may not be in your best interest to keep your valuables out in the open. A small safe that can be tied down to an immobile piece of furniture could save you from less-than sober intruders stumbling into your room and taking something valuable that does not belong to them. 
  8. Storage Ottoman
    A piece of furniture that is not only stylish but small and functional! Use it to keep your towels that are not in use, or other miscellaneous items that do not quite fit anywhere else. 
  9. Water Filter Pitcher
    These do not always make the lists of "must haves" for college. They are a great resource to have on hand in your mini fridge for a refreshing glass of water. 
  10. A Weekender Bag
    Visiting home for just a weekend can be quite the undertaking. Having a bag big enough to pack, but not too big that it takes up critical space in your room is important. It could also come in handy for those who plan on studying abroad

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