I remember gearing up to graduate high school so I could make the huge step into college. My family was extremely excited and supported me in every way. However, none of them could tell me what the admission application process for college was like because much of my family never attended college.

Whether you are a first time graduate, like me, or come from a long line of college graduates, having some ideas about what to expect on your college admission application is definitely helpful. You should prepare to send in the following along with your admission application: an essay, official academic transcript, ACT and/or SAT scores, recommendations and an application fee. Although an interview with your college of choice is not commonly a requirement, it may also be something you’d like to try.

So what’s this essay about? Depending on the college you attend, your essay question(s) may range from asking you to write about yourself to writing your thoughts about a particular quote, topic or event. Just because you are attending college, doesn’t mean you have to break out the dictionary to find the biggest and most sophisticated words to get your point across. Be yourself. You want to show your writing capabilities such as correct grammar, sentence structure and the entire flow of your essay. Be sure to proofread your essay before sending it in. It’s also a great idea to have a high school teacher or mentor read your essay before turning it in.

You will need to ask your high school to send your official academic transcript to your college of choice. Give your high school at least a 3 weeks notice, so they can send your transcript in time.

Your college of choice will also ask for your ACT and/or SAT scores. As with your transcript, give your school enough time to send your scores.

Furthermore, I was completely unaware that there was an application fee I needed to send with my application and other materials before applying to college. Be prepared to save about $35-$50 for your application to get processed.

I hope you’ve built great relationships with teachers, coaches, and mentors in your life up until this point because you may need to call on them for a recommendation. Many colleges want recommendations from these people—people who are able to speak about your leadership skills, academic capabilities and overall character. Just as a side note: It’s a good life lesson to build good relationships with the people around you, including teachers and professors. It’s very likely as you are in college and even after you graduate that you may need to call upon one of your professors for a job recommendation.

Lastly, although an interview with your college(s) of choice is not always a requirement, you may want to set up an interview with them. This will help them to learn more about you and give you a more intimate view of the school.

It would be a shame to complete all of the above work while missing the deadline. Turning in all materials on time with your admission application is imperative. Be aware of when your college admission application is due. If you need further help with your admission application, do not hesitate to contact one of our Go Financial Aid Consultants for more help or check out our Solutions. We are here to help and are excited about your journey into college.

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