The process of filling out the FAFSA form has been simplified quite a bit.  The website itself gives you a comprehensive instruction guide for how to fill out the form, taking you step by step the whole way through the process. 

There are three main steps that you should follow to ensure that you fill out the form accurately and save yourself as much time and stress as possible:

1)      Before you even start the FAFSA, get organized!  Gather all of the documents and personal information that you will need on the form before you even fill it out, so you don’t need to scramble trying to find everything as you’re filling everything out.  FAFSA on the Web is a practice form that will show you all the information you’ll need to know, so it’s definitely worth looking into.  You should also make sure you know all application deadlines, apply for your FAFSA PIN and know what your status stands in regards to your dependency on your parents.

2)      The second step, quite obviously, is to fill out the actual FAFSA form.  The questions on the FAFSA pertain to your personal financial information, plans for education, and things of that sort.  You can make corrections to the FAFSA online anytime if you feel like you filled out something incorrectly or information changes, but make sure you do your best to fill out all of the questions accurately and completely, so you don’t cost yourself financial aid.

3)      After sending in your form, make sure you do a follow up.  You can see all your results online, check your application status and make any necessary changes.The designated process to apply for FAFSA can be confusing, so it is best to make sure you know what to expect before jumping into it because it can be quite overwhelming.  As long as you know what information you will need and how to fill out the form, filling out the FAFSA should be no problem at all.

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