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Nursing School Financial Aid

A nursing degree can be an expensive venture. Books alone are very costly. That combined with tuition, uniforms, possible room and board, and other supplies quickly add up. Don't let costs discourage you from pursuing your dreams. There are many financial aid opportunities available for nursing students, even those who may not feel they qualify. Grants, loans, and scholarships can all help cover your costs. A nursing grant, offered by the government or nonprofit organization, is a very appealing form of aid. This money does not have to be repaid and is often offered to those who are financially underprivileged… Read more here!

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Private Student Loans

When federal aid does not provide enough funds for college, many students turn to private loans. There are many different lenders and loans available. Often times, this can cause confusion for parents and students. Private loans can not only be used for tuition, room, and board, but for other college expenses such as books, supplies, school fees, and transportation costs. These loans can cover up to the full cost of your education and can applied for year round. Private loans generally require a credit check and in most cases on co-signer is required on the application. As a student, adding… Read more here!

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Financial Aid Tips for Parents

Whether you are sending your first child off to college or your fourth child, everyone can use a little help in getting the most education for the least amount of your own money. 1. Apply. You can't get financial aid if you don't apply. File out of your FAFSA and encourage your child to apply for as many scholarships as they qualify for. 2. If your child's grandparents have been saving money for college, it should be paid directly to the school. This will eliminate gift tax liability. 3. Pay early. Check with your child's school, some schools may offer… Read more here!

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Financial Aid for Laid Off Workers

If the economy has cost you or someone you know a job, college is one option to consider. A number of government agencies, charities, and colleges are helping the unemployed head back to the classroom. Federal Pell Grants can provide unemployed workers with up to $5350 for the cost of community colleges, 4 year colleges and universities, and technical schools.You will need to: Decide on which educational program is right for you. Fill out a FAFSA. Talk to your school's financial aid office. If you are receiving unemployment benefits, you will need to bring evidence to prove that you are… Read more here!

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New Years Resolutions (that can help pay for college)

We've reached the half way point of January and if you haven't made a New Years Resolution yet, why not make a resolution that will help you maximize your financial aid for the next school year? With the cost of college rising, it's a resolution that will provide you with a bright future! Give one these a shot and you may see dollar signs: 1. Academic Achievement. Study hard, especially when applying for scholarships. Those awarding the scholarships want to know that you take academics seriously! 2. Internships and Work Experience. Upon leaving college, you may find that internship/work experience may… Read more here!

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In the News…

The rebounding economy is not good for those hoping to find scholarships in 2010. When the economy came falling down in 2009, many private colleges found themselves in a panic.  They significantly increased their financially aid packages in order to attract students. Students in the class of 2013 found themselves with a wide variety of grants and scholarships available. Now that economists are saying the economy is on the rebound, expect for 2010-2011 school year financial aid packages to be stingier for income freshmen. Financial aid offices now believe that more families will be able to afford the cost of… Read more here!

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Financial Aid and Community College

For a lot of students, attending a couple years of community college is a wise decision. The cost of community college is considerably less than that of a four year college. Students can save a significant amount on tuition, transportation, room, and board. However, parents and students assume that due to the low cost of community college that financial aid is not available for community college. This is not true. Stafford loans provide thousands of dollars in financial aid for community college students regardless of their family's assets and income level. Students who demonstrate need may receive these loans at… Read more here!

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Maximizing Financial Aid

Happy New Year! Its time to start filling out the 2010-2011 FAFSA form. When it comes to paying for college, every penny counts. Here are some tips to maximize your financial aid options: Jumpstart the Financial Aid Process. If possible, apply in January as close to the 1st as possible. First Come-First Serve Basis. Once grant money is gone, it's gone. This falls right in line with applying close to the January 1st start date for the 2010-2011 FAFSA.  If you are qualified, you cannot receive money that is no longer available. Don't wait until you file your tax return… Read more here!

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