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Colleges Hidden Costs

While colleges are supposed to give perspective students and their families the full cost of attendance, be careful especially when searching online the cost of attendance listed on a college's website may not include all hidden fees, living expenses, books, etc. College costs include: Tuition- Cost of your classes, whether you are part-time (which more than likely means paying per credit) or full-time. Fees- Which include but are not limited to activities, gym, health care, lab, technology, library, etc.. Some of these fees are even included for distance learners. Dorms/Rent Meal Plans/Food Books Other supplies: you may be required to… Read more here!

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Accelerating your College Education…College in less than 4 years?

By now you know the cost of a four year college education is expensive. Accelerating your college career means less time in the classroom and more money in your pocket. If you are an extremely motivated high school student, it can be done.  Even if you already started college, you may be able to find your way our of college a semester or two early. Here's how: AP Course. If your high school offers Advanced Placement courses, take advantage of this option. The cost of an AP exam is much cheaper than the cost of a college credit and AP… Read more here!

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Downfalls of Private Loans

When grants and scholarships don't cover the complete cost of college, loans are an obvious must for most students and their families. While borrowing money and taking on debt, here are a few things to consider regarding private loans: Private loans generally have an interest rate based and borrowing terms based on your credit record and current economic climate. If you have a credit score that is less than perfect, you are likely to have a high interest rate. Your rate will also vary based on current prime rates. Over the course of your loan, you are likely to experience… Read more here!

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Go Financial Aid is on Facebook and Twitter!

We are on the sites you and 85% of college students just can't get enough of. Check us out on  Twitter and Facebook !! Follow us and become our fan!! See what others are saying and even have our tweets sent to your cell phone. You can never know too much when it comes to saving yourself money for college! Read more here!

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Save Money on Textbooks

College textbooks are without a doubt a major expense. In fact, the average college student spends about $900 each semester on books. If you are a science or math major, you may even be looking at books that are $200 a piece. Some colleges even have textbooks directly made for their university, which greatly decreases the chances of a student making money on resale. With a part time job or not working at all, books can be a real expense, here are some tips to keep these costs as low as possible: Price Comparision Sites. They do the discount shopping… Read more here!

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