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What Not To Do…(Maximize Your Financial Aid)

Financial aid is more than likely an important aspect in deciding the next four years of your life. However, everyone always tells you what to do in order to maximize your aid. The one thing everyone forgets? What not to do! Don't save money in the student's name. Student assets can be assessed at up to 20% under Federal financial aid formulas. Do not set up a visit with a school's financial aid office without proper documentation to back up any financial claims you plan on making. Don't inflate your income. Avoid using any potential bonuses and retirement distributions when… Read more here!

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Unemployment and College Degrees

Earlier this month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the latest unemployment data. And for all your recent college graduates, soon to be college graduates, and those a few years removed from college the statistics are certainly not the best of news. The unemployment rate of college graduates is about half that of the national rates. Although this statistic is better than those with a high school diploma (64.9% higher than the national rate), a college education or ever higher is not a guarantee of an excellent job or lifestyle. Although, a higher education does mean a decrease in your… Read more here!

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Scholarships For Everyone

We've touched on this subject before. Scholarships are a great way to get free money for college; you just have to look. You really can get a scholarship for virtually anything. Here is some more proof: Merck offers scholarships to high school seniors who are determined, disciplined, and successfully managing their asthma. Take good care of your health, pursue a higher education, and get free money for it! The Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation offers a variety of scholarships for students who are faced with the challenges of a bleeding disorder. Love agriculture? Live in Illinois? High school seniors who are… Read more here!

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Reminder- The clock is ticking…Get that FAFSA in!!

If you haven't already filed your FAFSA for 2010-2011 school year, get moving!! June is the recommended deadline for the 2010-2011 academic year. The longer you wait to file, you are missing out on receiving the maximum financial aid award you may have deserved. However, you can complete a FAFSA at anytime during the year. So log on and file your FAFSA for the first time or complete a FAFSA renewal form. Read more here!

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What Happens When Federal Student Aid is Not Enough?

Now that you've seen and deciphered your Student Aid Report, you've realized you still don't have the funds to the attend the college of your dreams. Now what? You have a few options to consider, before reconsidering your number one school. 1. Begin a scholarship hunt. Scholarships are free money. Remember you can find scholarships that are awarded for athletics, academics, volunteering, background, etc. 2. Appeal your financial aid award. Contact the school and see if they can provide you with a more favorable financial aid package. This idea may seem far fetched to some, however if you are an… Read more here!

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