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Entrance Counseling

If you been following this blog, chances are you have somewhat of a grasp on financial aid, or maybe this is the first time you've joined us. Regardless of how much you know or think you know about financial aid, you are going to be required to complete entrance counseling. Who will be required to complete entrance counseling? Any undergraduate student who has never taken out a federal student loan that is receiving a Direct Loan. Why? Student loans come with big responsibilities. It will work to your advantage as well as your lender's if you know what is going… Read more here!

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Financial Aid for Trucking School

Given a few requests, here's what we've found....With a nationwide shortage of commercial truck drivers, anyone considering a CDL may want to act. Companies including UPS, Yellow Freight System, Roadway Express and Consolidated Freightways are just a few of the companies nationwide looking for qualified, dedicated drivers. The perks of being a commercial truck driver? Competitive salaries, health benefits, bonuses, a stable career, and a variety of hours. One of the places to train for a career in truck driving is community colleges. While not all community colleges offer courses, check out your local community college for course offerings. Also,… Read more here!

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Academic Probation and Financial Aid

Not making the grade? Academic probation can cost you your financial aid or your enrollment status. While it is impossible to give you the exact terms of satisfactory academic progress at every school across the nation, normally you must maintain a 2.0. If you GPA does fall below a 2.0, in most cases you are given one semester to redeem yourself. This is called academic probation. If you are unable to do so, you will be dismissed from the school and your financial aid may be suspended. If you are dismissed from a school, you will need to apply later… Read more here!

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Should you apply to graduate school?

Without a doubt, graduate school will make you more marketable to employers. However, there are some issues to consider before applying to graduate school. Before jumping into graduate school, make sure you know what you want to study. Grad school is not like undergrad; you cannot go undecided for two years and then choose a major. Research schools and make your decision wisely. If you are undecided between programs, talk to students in those programs or people working in that field. Do your research, otherwise it may cost you a lot of money for a degree you are less than… Read more here!

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The Benefits of Online Summer Classes: Academics and Financially

Now that school is out for the summer, everyone is taking their separate paths. Maybe you are thinking about lying by the pool all summer, vacationing a lot, working, etc... If you have a computer, an internet connection, and a little motivation, you may be able to get a little more than just a tan this summer. For some summer sessions may seem like a terrible idea: missed vacations, long hours sitting in classrooms while the sun shines around you, difficulty working class around a summer job, or simply not being able to lounge by the pool all day. For… Read more here!

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You’ve graduated college….now what?

In a time when the economy is tight and jobs are not exactly easy to come across, what is the recent college graduate to do? Most students enter college with goal of obtaining a degree and going on to get a good paying, job of their dreams. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. With planning and strategy, everyone can make the best out of what may not be your ideal situation.   Can't find work at all? Try searching for an internship (hopefully a paid internship). Employers are always looking for that ever important experience to go along with… Read more here!

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Is my “free money taxable”?

So you have received a grant or scholarship, congrats! Now for the question on everyone's mind: Are taxes going to deplete my "free money"? According to the US Master Tax Guide, scholarships and fellowship grants are not considered income. Any amount of money which is received as a qualified scholarship is excluded from an individual's gross income, provided this individual is a candidate for a degree at a qualified educational organization. The organization must maintain a regular faculty, curriculum, enrollment, and activities. What is a qualified scholarship? Any amount of money received by an individual as a scholarship or fellowship… Read more here!

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