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FAFSA and Financial Aid: Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

The FAFSA is obviously one of the most important documents you will fill out in the financial aid process. Federal aid is one of the most sought after kinds of financial assistance, and can provide you with substantial amounts of money to help pay for your education through various education loans. Filling out the actual FAFSA is also part of the process that everyone dreads the most. In fact, many people lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars in financial aid that they could have been eligible to receive simply because of unknown errors made while filling out the FAFSA.… Read more here!

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The CSS PROFILE and the FAFSA: What’s the difference?

Once you dive into the process of finding financial aid for college, the FAFSA is something you're hit with almost immediately. Pretty much every school requires that it be filled out after admission, and it's one of the most popular forms of financial aid for most people. However, many schools also make references to the CSS PROFILE application along with the FAFSA. People often have trouble picking out the differences between the two when attempting to understand what they will be getting from each particular financial aid source. Since many private institutions require that the CSS PROFILE be filled out… Read more here!

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Learning How to Apply the FAFSA to Your Financial Aid Process

When choosing your financial aid sources from all the different options out there, the FAFSA is one of the key forms you definitely do not want to overlook. This form is required by most colleges and universities to be sent in before attendance, and it is meant to provide you with federal financial assistance towards your education. After making the decision of which school you are going to attend, you should begin the financial aid process immediately. Since you will know the general cost for the school itself, you can make a rough estimate of the financial assistance needed in… Read more here!

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Summer Financial Aid Information

Financial aid isn't only available for the standard fall to spring school year. Many people choose to take classes over the summer to ease their load during the school year or to make up for classes that they may not have done so well in during the year. Taking classes over the summer can also push up your graduation date by adding on the credits. Whatever the reason, summer financial aid is available for these programs, too. Before applying for summer financial aid programs, make sure you have completed the FAFSA. This will determine the amount of federal government aid… Read more here!

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Rising Tuition Increases Need for Financial Aid Student Loan

With college tuition increasing again due to colleges and universities receiving less state funding, students are forced to rely more heavily upon financial aid in the form of student loans, especially from the federal government. In lieu of this raise in tuition, there is a bright side. The federal government has also expanded the programs for the Pell Grant and other loans, which will make it easier for students to receive more financial assistance.  Student loans are one of the most utilized forms of financial aid, so making them more accessible for students will be a big help to the… Read more here!

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Financial Aid Services

The financial aid process would not commonly be described as easy. To break it down into steps that will make it much more doable for you overall, there are many financial aid services offered to assist you as much as possible. No one expects you to be a financial aid expert, and documents like the FAFSA and CSS Profile can get pretty dense and require a lot of personal information that you may not know you need. Here are some financial aid services offered that will help simplify this process, making it much less of a burden for you in… Read more here!

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