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Academic Financial Aid

There are countless forms of academic financial aid provided by the federal and state governments, as well as a variety of organizations through the private sector. When looking to further your education, academic financial aid is the key to making college affordable. Very few people face a new chapter of their student careers prepared to pay everything up front. With a struggling economy and changing education laws, the total cost of education is, unfortunately, on the rise. A growing number of young Americans are even reconsidering attending a post secondary school due to these increasing costs that seem insurmountable. However,… Read more here!

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Getting the Facts Straight About Financial Aid Help

As senior year approaches for high school students, and even more so as the year begins to wind down, financial aid solicitors begin gearing up to mail out countless brochures offering their services to assist students in navigating the financial aid process. While understanding all the requirements of the financial aid process is highly important in obtaining as much aid as possible, it is just as important to make sure that the help you are getting as a student or as a parent of a student is legitimate and not a scam. Remember that getting help is definitely a viable… Read more here!

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2010 Financial Aid: Keeping Up to Date With Changes

With a change in administration comes changes in policies. Throughout the year, the US Department of Education has been making significant changes to the financial aid processes that will affect each and every citizen looking to receive financial assistance for their education, and they will go into effect in July of 2011. These changes are said to have the intention of strengthening federal student financial aid at for profit, nonprofit and public institutions. The new implementations will also ensure that students are not being misled by financial aid scams from schools or aggressive companies. They will also ensure that only… Read more here!

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Web Networks Offering Financial Aid for Your Education

With financial aid being in high demand due to the fledgling economy, people are looking for more and more sources of aid. While the FAFSA is a necessary document for gaining federal financial assistance, it remains clear that the most desired form of financial aid funding is the kind that you don't need to pay back. However, oftentimes many students find receiving things like scholarships and grants is easier said than done, and many just don't know where to start looking. Just this past week the US News and World Report delved into the growing phenomena of website builders and… Read more here!

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