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Community College Financial Aid

For many students, community college provide an opportunity to receive a college education without going broke. But before you jump into classes, you first need to look at any and all financial aid available. Remember, the more time you spend researching and maximizing the money you can receive, the less stress (and debt!) you'll have later. In order to help you grasp the complex process of financial aid, I'm going to breakdown and explain some of the avenues available for upcoming or returning students. To begin, let's look some financial aid sources. The Department of Education The Federal financial aid largely… Read more here!

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The Best Financial Aid on The Planet

Winter time is here, which means only one thing (besides the super bowl)'s Financial aid time!  For those of you entering or returning to school, maximizing your financial aid can help relieve those financial burdens. Trust me, the small steps leading up to the application process can mean significant changes in the money you receive, so don't put off the forms. Now the reason I put this post up is because  a lot of people ask about the best financial aid available. While different institutions offer different programs,  here are some tips to get you started: Review the college applications and… Read more here!

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