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Financial Aid Autopilot

I've been going through dozens of complaints on how slow, unorganized, and often tiresome financial aid offices can be. Thats not to say there aren't some amazing people working in some fantastic financial aid offices, but the feedback I've been getting is disappointing.   While it might be difficult to avoid the process, I do have some useful links to help you fill out your FAFSA, find a FAFSA calculator, learn more about your CSS profile, use a college financial aid consultant, and learn about grants and scholarships. FAFSA FAFSA deadlines are looming, so it's time to act now.  These… Read more here!

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FAFSA and EFC Calculator

Didn't January fly by? I remember counting down New Years and looking forward to 2011. Now it's already one month in, which means we're in FAFSA season! While the FAFSA is notorious for being confusing, sites are available that provide FREE FAFSA Calculators! Here are some tips to keep in mind while filling out the forms: 1. Some programs require specific school financial aid applications. Be sure to check at all the programs you're applying for in order to maximize the amount you receive. 2. For Returning Students: Be sure to renew your FAFSA. Here are some things you'll need to renew… Read more here!

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