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Pell Grant : The Quest to Save Student Aid

OUR SAVE STUDENT AID VIDEO Contrary to our normal posts, this one has turned political (please don't fall asleep, I'll make it quick). In short, the Federal Government wants cut the amount of financial aid a student can receive. Specially they proposed to slash the Pell Grant by 15%! The bill has been pushed through the House of Representatives and has now moved to the Senate. If you want to take action, Save Student Aid has created a facebook page with a section for you to contact your Senator. I urge you to take a couple minutes and submit a… Read more here!

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FAFSA application: Help!

Wow the days must be getting longer because FAFSA season is in full effect. I've been around the internet a couple of times and here are the sentiments I hear: "AHAHA I need FAFSA help. I NNEEEED help with FAFSA-who the **** is going to help me with my FAFSA- Free me from the FAFSA!" Alright, I'm not a superhero, nor do I pretend to be one of the internet, but I do have a superhuman solution:The FAFSA HELP NUMBER! Call us! (888) 544-9898. Don't worry, this isn't a dream.... we have a FAFSA HELP NUMBER. Who can honestly do… Read more here!

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Summer Financial Aid: How to start

While it might be getting warmer, that doesn't mean money is going to start growing on trees! This sad truth hurts me as much as it does you, but don't fear, financial aid is here! Summer financial aid is similar to other forms of financial aid, in that the summer financial aid deadline varies between states and even varies between colleges. For example, if I were a resident of Pennsylvania applying for 2011-2012 financial aid, I could go to and select "Pennsylvania" for my legal residence and "2011-2012" for what school year I'm applying for student aid.  Even though this… Read more here!

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FAFSA Deadline

Ah spring is coming. It's raining more, snowing less, and I think I can smell the stink bugs coming back into my house. Yet nothing is sweeter than the wonderful nectar that FAFSA provides. For those just applying, congrats! For everyone else: stay strong! To help our new FAFSA brothers and sisters, I've decided to put together a quick 101 lesson on the almighty FAFSA. Enjoy. 1. What is FAFSA? FAFSA = Free Application for Federal Student Aid 2. Ok I know what it means; how does it work? Financial Need = Expected Family Contribution (EFC) – Total Cost of… Read more here!

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