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Admission Application

I remember gearing up to graduate high school so I could make the huge step into college. My family was extremely excited and supported me in every way. However, none of them could tell me what the admission application process for college was like because much of my family never attended college. Whether you are a first time graduate, like me, or come from a long line of college graduates, having some ideas about what to expect on your college admission application is definitely helpful. You should prepare to send in the following along with your admission application: an essay,… Read more here!

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Financial Aid Disbursement

The hard work is done. Your FASFA is complete and has long been mailed or sent electronically. Maybe you've even submitted your CSS Profile. Now what? The wait and questions begin: "When do I receive my scholarship and/or loan money?", "How will I know it arrived?", "Does the money automatically go to my school or personally to me?" Well, no need to wait for the answers about financial aid disbursement as you wait for your money to come through. Your financial aid is almost always distributed to your school first. Then, your school takes that money and applies it to school fees (tuition and… Read more here!

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How Do I Get Financial Aid?

How Do I Get Financial Aid? Wow April is here (my Birthday month *woot*) and I have so many unanswered questions: Why do I still have allergies? Are little kids ever NOT sick? When's Rita's free ice cream day? And HOW DO I GET FINANCIAL AID?!?!? Well, I'm sad to say I only have one answer to those complicated questions, and that's HOW DO I GET FINANCIAL AID? If you have the answers to the other questions, you let me know, and I'll give you a internet high five. In the meantime, enjoy my answer... 1. Submit the FAFSA The… Read more here!

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