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FAFSA Renewal

Living in Pittsburgh has taught me many lessons. One of those lessons is that there are seasons. Coming from Louisiana, there are pretty much hot and warm seasons. As the winter and spring seasons are still pretty new to me, they teach me that there is a time for everything. Every year, I pull out the winter clothes to prepare and anchor down for the cold it brings. Gratefully spring is FINALLY here and I have torn off the layers of winter clothing for warmer, spring-time sunshine. Just as there are seasons, you can pretty much say that when it… Read more here!

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When I filled out my FAFSA application years ago for college, I honestly didn’t know how the whole process worked. I just knew that if I filled out the form I would  probably get money for college,  whether it was loans, grants or scholarships. I honestly completed the FAFSA application and just hoped for the most possible money to cover my college expenses. However, there is a process and method FAFSA uses in calculating financial aid. EFC stands for expected family contribution. Plain and simple, it’s the amount of money the FAFSA expects your family to be able to pay… Read more here!

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Financial Aid Deadline

Mother’s day is approaching, and I’m feeling the pressure to find that perfect gift for my mom. Dates are just like deadlines in my head, rushing around to get everything done before time's up. That same pressure when applying for financial aid is there too! There is a financial aid deadline for applications and material to be sent. Although I’m pretty sure my mom will forgive me if I send her a late present, financial aid distributors and schools will not be as forgiving. As a matter of fact, if you miss the deadline, you miss your money. It’s as… Read more here!

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Financial Aid Advisors

Paperwork, scholarships, grants, loans, deadlines, graduation, decisions…. Ahhhh!!! And on and on with the list of things on your mind as a college student. You almost feel like you need another person to help with everything you need to accomplish, right? Well, that’s the purpose of this blog--to, in a sense, provide you with information you need to get in touch with that person. If you have never heard of a financial aid advisor, try not feel like you need to start “Googling” to figure out why you are out of the loop. A financial aid advisor is the person… Read more here!

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