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Financial Aid Consultant

So you're going to be applying for financial aid for college, eh?  Well, did you know that there are people out there who professionally deal with applications and advice for the FAFSA and CSS Profile?  A person who professionally works with students and financial aid is called a Financial Aid Consultant (FAC).  While the mere thought of aid applications makes many people cringe, these guys do this for fun!  It takes a fine balance of love for numbers, finances, the technical and helping others to do it, but consulting help is there for the taking.  A college Financial Aid Consultant… Read more here!

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CSS Profile Worksheet

The CSS Profile--perhaps an even bigger mystery than the FAFSA.  While all schools require a completed FAFSA, the  College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile is used mostly by private colleges as a financial aid supplement.  Its purpose is to determine each individual's Expected Family Contribution (EFC).  Unlike the FAFSA, the CSS Profile looks for other types of college money, and asks about sources such as home equity.  Students submitting the form are charged $9 for the application AND $16 for each copy sent.You might be thinking, "GREAT.  Now I have more applications to figure out!"  Don't sweat it.  Just like the… Read more here!

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Aid For College

OH MY GOSH IT IS HOT.  That really needed to be said, and hopefully you've either been splashing in the water or enjoying the A/C in your house this week.  Spending time in an air conditioned house is great for cooling off, but there's only so much to do when you're cooped up all day.  This writer solves that problem by feeding an ever-worsening internet addiction.  Chances are if you're here, you think the same way.  So while everyone's trying to beat the heat, it makes sense to be proactive with this free time and learn about a few things… Read more here!

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Financial Aid 101

Financial Aid--most of us have to deal with it, we just don't understand it.  Well, just like the introductory courses you take in the early stages of your college career, it's good to take a crash course in financial aid as well.   To get the ball rolling on understanding your college finances, we welcome you to a brand new class entitled, "Financial Aid 101."  Welcome students. Lesson Number 1: Definition of Financial Aid.  This is any money you receive or earn to cover your educational costs. Lesson Number 2: Common Types of Financial Aid. Loans.  Let's face it, nobody wants… Read more here!

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Hello!  Now that everyone has had thoughts of financial aid for college swirling around their minds, let's get to the heart of the matter: the aid you will receive and how you will get it.  As you likely know already, your FAFSA money comes in the form of loans and grants taken out/given on your behalf.  Since the financial aid deadline for submitting your FAFSA application has passed, if you applied for aid you are now in the waiting stage.  You're thinking, "Where is my money?  When am I going to get it?  How much will I get?"  Let's take… Read more here!

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Financial Aid for College

Hey everyone!  We're in the heat of summer here these days, and between the cookouts and parties, parents and new freshmen looking to the future have financial aid for college on the brain.  The hard truth is that while we keep our chins up and push forward, the economy is still down.  Many families have likely wondered how in the world they would pay for school.  In fact, Pittsburgh news stations recently featured stories about children affected by their parents' layoffs and job losses.  Struggling though they may be, many of these students have rebounded and found their way to… Read more here!

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