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Application for Financial Assistance

You’re finally headed down College Street and looking forward to what lies ahead.  Opportunities are endless—where you want to go to school, what you want to study, experiences and activities are there for the taking.  But you know you will need help getting there.  You opened your wallet and flies just emerged; it’s that empty.  The next logical step is financial assistance.  How do you get it?  Paperwork.  To receive funds for school, an application for financial assistance is required.  Let’s talk about this a bit more. 1. There are several applications to be completed for financial aid, but first… Read more here!

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Financial Aid Consulting

Starting college is exciting.  However, the transition makes students question their finances.  You may think, “How will I ever cover the high costs of going to college?” Quick answer: complete the FAFSA.  Ok, maybe that’s too quick.  Basically, you need to fill out this application because it gives you access to options like government loans and grants.Completing the FAFSA is sometimes easier said than done, however.  Understanding how to complete all necessary information can be as tough as learning a foreign language, as you must make sense of and include tax and family income information.  To make it all easier… Read more here!

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Financial Aid Consultants

Financial aid.  Those words alone can be enough to make someone cringe.  The process of obtaining college funds is complicated, after all.  From the FAFSA to the CSS Profile, not to mention all of the personal information required for such forms, getting financial aid for college can be a big ol’ headache.  But it doesn’t have to be!Believe it or not, there are people out there who understand things like EFC, loan interest rates, and the whole gamut of confusing money details we all need to deal with in order to get help paying for college.  These people, aptly named,… Read more here!

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Best Student Loans

Hey there.  Okay, you’ve gone through your finances for school, and you realize: student loans are going to be a necessary evil.  It’s okay, we’ve all been there.  And it doesn’t have to be so bad!  The best thing you can do for yourself when dealing with financial aid is to get educated.  That’s why you’re here, right?  Good.  You may wonder, “I know I have to take out some loans, but which are the best student loans?”  Well, if you’ve visited the blog before, you’ll note that both the Stafford and Perkins Loans come up a lot.  This entry… Read more here!

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Available Financial Aid

College is rough, and whether you're a first year student or a veteran college-goer just looking to expand your financial aid options, you want to know what's out there.  Totally understandable--the less you have to pay for school the better.  Let's skim over a few of the more conventional, well-known aid forms, and then dive into a few areas that you might not have thought of. Conventional Financial Aid 1.  Federal and private loans.  Basically federal loans are funds that a student borrows from a government agency with the promise to repay them upon completion of study.  Stafford loans, Perkins… Read more here!

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Best Financial Aid

Loans, grants, scholarships.  The Big 3 of financial aid, and about the quickest financial aid overview possible.  Several options are available to students, but how do you pinpoint the best direction to go?  The easiest answer is to go with free money.  So that leaves us with grants and scholarships as the best financial aid.Loans are certainly helpful as well, and are often a necessity.  But in this case, each student loan taken out accrues interest over time, and once the 6-month grace period is over after graduation, that interest keeps piling up.  Loans tend to leave the borrower with… Read more here!

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Types of Financial Aid

So you want to go to college and know that there are funds available, but you want to know, "What specifically is out there for me?"  This question taps into the different types of financial aid offered for undergraduate students.  At the most basic level, you have your free aid and you have aid that will be paid back later.  Let's try to hammer out the details about all of this college money. Loans--noun.  Money borrowed for college education expenses which will be repaid upon completion of a degree program. Education loans come in two types: Federal Student Loans.  Federal… Read more here!

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Financial Aid Status

So you finished applying for financial aid, huh?  Congratulations.  Now it's waiting time.  You're eager to find out what financial aid you will receive for school, and if you were eligible for specific aid types.  Luckily, students may often check on their financial aid status of applications while they wait for the official student aid report (SAR) to come in from FAFSA.  Most of this can be done online, by logging on to various websites.  Let's do a short run-down of the ways to find your financial aid status. Check your FAFSA status.  To do this, navigate to the application… Read more here!

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