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Easy Scholarships

Each year, thousands of students flock towards the countless scholarship opportunities made available to them.  These scholarships more often than not require certain things from applicants—an outstanding GPA, lengthy and absolutely grueling essays or enrollment in a specific academic program/major.  You can skip right over these limiting requirements with a select few easy scholarships that need only the basics.  Take a look at some of them below. Scholarship Zone.  SZ provides a rare opportunity to scholarship seekers to find and apply for a scholarship with no hassle.  The application process, which functions more like a contest entry, doesn’t require any… Read more here!

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Financial Advisor

Let's face it, we could all use some help getting everything in order for college.  Well, some schools have college financial advisors. Advisors can help students and families through the financial aid process and in finding college funds. Seeking help for application filing or to better understand the aid process ensures greater accuracy on your FAFSA application and consideration for maximum financial aid.If your school does not have financial advisors, do not fret.  Financial advisors are another name, or institutional equivalent to financial consultants, who are available at your disposal to assist with financial aid troubles and questions.  In fact,… Read more here!

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Scholarships for Hispanics

There are scholarships for just about everything under the sun...academic achievement, athletic prowess, membership to certain groups, etc.  Financial aid is such a complex animal, however, and it has even been set up along ethnic lines.  You may find, in your financial aid search, scholarships that require applicants to be of a specific ethnic origin.  In the pursuit of higher education, everyone looks out for each other, so various opportunities are available to different groups.  In this case, as you can plainly see by the blog's title, we're talking about scholarships for Hispanics.   Let's check out some scholarships now. Gates… Read more here!

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Pell Grant Eligibility

You may have recently read about college grants, and therefore got an overview of education grant options for college.  The Pell Grant is one of those options, and falls under federal financial aid.  Let's have a more in-depth talk about this grant, and what the Pell Grant Eligibility requirements are.The Pell Grant is the biggest federal grant available.  The number one consideration in determining an individual's eligibility for this grant is financial need.  That is to say, how much help a student requires in paying for his/her education.   This should help lay things out for you: Cost of Attendance (CoA--Total… Read more here!

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College Grants

Ahh...the sweet smell of free money. We are, of course, talking about college grants. It doesn't get much better when you're facing the responsibility of paying for school. Grants are an awesome financial resource for college students looking at their financial aid options. Wait, you didn't know that grants were free? Are you new here? We kid, of course. For those of you just beginning down the financial aid road, college grants are indeed free money. Unlike loans, which must be repaid, grants are gift funds that do not require repayment. College grants may be federally-based or organization-affiliated. 1. Federal… Read more here!

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Happy weekend, all!  Now, you all know (or should, anyway) that the FAFSA takes the cake in terms of important financial aid documents.  College students know they need to submit it, they know the FAFSA is required by the government for federal aid, but students rarely have the inside scoop on everything FAFSA.Queue  There is but one place to get the full story on FAFSA, mainly because it's their story.  Students and their families will learn the purpose of the FAFSA and the goals of the operation itself, what information is required for the application, your college's FAFSA code… Read more here!

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Applying for Financial Aid

Howdy, everyone!  Let's cut to the chase, shall we?  Many young people want to pursue higher education but they don't know if such a goal is within their grasp.  We understand.  College is an expensive investment...Probably one of the most expensive you will ever be responsible for, if you factor in all four years.  BUT it is not impossible. There are lots of things you can do to better prepare yourself to bear the burden of college costs.  One of the most important is applying for financial aid.  You don't need to go it alone in paying for your education. … Read more here!

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Financial Aid Package

You’ve been accepted to college, perhaps applied for financial aid (if not, we recommend reviewing the financial aid process) and now that the application madness has ceased, your head has stopped spinning long enough to wonder about a few things.  For instance, “What should I expect from my financial aid package?”  Well, let’s figure that out together. You may or may not know that the overall financial aid package consists of various aid types.  For the sake of our discussion, we’ll talk about federal financial aid right now.  After all, much of what people consider part of the financial aid… Read more here!

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