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January 1st FAFSA Start Date

We’re reaching the middle of the school year, and for students, that means a few things: midterms, finals, winter break…and some important dates!  We’ve covered early decision, and now it’s time for FAFSA.  For those new to the financial aid game (and for those who need a refresher!), financial aid season starts at the beginning of the calendar year.  This means the mad dash to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is on, beginning January 1st, 2012. While FAFSA application season spans several months (January to the end of June), it is SO important to get in… Read more here!

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Early Decision/Early Action

Deadlines, deadlines!  The college application and financial aid process are chock-full of them—FAFSA, CSS Profile, etc—and one is fast approaching.  The most immediate deadline concerns your choice of college—Early Decision/Early Action.  This comes in right around the corner on November 1st.So far all you know is that this has to do with colleges applications.  Well, let’s get a better picture.  Early Decision and Early Action are college application options that over 400 schools have adopted, allowing students to apply to school earlier (in November) than they normally would.  The most important factor here is that not only do you apply… Read more here!

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College Tuition

Here at Go Financial Aid, we usually talk about how to receive help in affording college.  Well, let’s switch gears a bit and just talk about paying for it, period.  Financial aid is a necessity for most of us in our college years, but it’s important to make sense of education costs in a general sense as well.  This leads us to the subject of college tuition.  Tuition is the money you pay to attend courses at an educational institution.  Translation: what you pay to sit in class and learn from Drs. W, X, Y and Z.  Speaking of that,… Read more here!

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Scholarships and Grants

Hey!  Tonight let’s continue our financial aid discussion with a talk about scholarships and grants.   These are absolutely awesome aid types because you don’t owe anything later.  We in the financial aid biz call this gift aid. All-aboard the free money train. Some scholarships…Scholarship money is provided by schools (ask your financial aid office) and organizations of all kinds.  Scholarships are very competitive because there are thousands of students grabbing for one scholarship check.  In all, there are countless scholarships to be won, but it’s a rat race and you have to shine your brightest when applying.  Highlight you best skills,… Read more here!

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Scholarships for Women

Hey guys!  Usually there would be an earlier post to read that starts by wishing everyone a happy weekend.  But there was a very important wedding on Saturday!  So, happy end-of-weekend; try to avoid a bad case of “The Mondays."  Any who, tonight we’re going to talk a bit more about scholarships, honing in on scholarships for women.  There are a few examples, so check them out. 1.  The SWE Scholarship Program.Each year the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) awards over 100 scholarships totaling up to $500,000 to female students.  The SWE Scholarship Program is designed to encourage and aid… Read more here!

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How to Pay for College

You've done it.  You finished high school and decided to pursue higher education (a wise move, given stringent requirements for good jobs and the sore lack of them these days).  But there's still a monkey on your back, and you wonder how to pay for college.  True, education is a HUGE investment, but there are lots of ways to pay for it.  Take a look. 1. Out of pocket (or your parents') While there's a very good chance that you will not have to absorb all college costs yourself, few students go without having to pay anything (i.e. full-ride scholarships,… Read more here!

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Financial Assistance

And so it begins: college life.  Hopefully you took as much from your years in high school as you could—learning as much as possible, asking questions and taking the time to realize that high school prepares you for a more demanding academic load.  That next step, a college education, as one school puts it, “prepares you for the real world.”   Students learn field-specific skills and hone time management and study strategies, which will aid in a strong professional future.  However, with the flimsy nature of our economy, and less money coming into households, many become concerned about the affordability of… Read more here!

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Graduate School Scholarships

You’ve finished your undergraduate studies (or are about to) and are toying with the idea of attending graduate school. The thing is, graduate school financial aid, especially scholarships, is a bit harder to come by. At the graduate level, there are scholarships to be won, but you’ll have to do some digging. A quick Google search is out of the question, and you must prepare to read through several of the articles you encounter for solid ideas. Additionally, you will find that the graduate school scholarships available are more neatly categorized, typically career-based or organization-sponsored. The sampling of graduate school… Read more here!

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Weird Scholarships

Scholarships can be won for many different reasons: academic excellence, athletic skills and even for taking a survey.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg, however.  For your amusement, and hopefully your benefit, here are 5 truly weird scholarships.  Hey, there’s something for everyone. Tall Clubs International Scholarship.  Being tall means more than reaching high shelves and the possibility of a basketball career.  To Tall Clubs International, height leads to financial aid for college.  Guys standing 6’2” and higher and gals 5’10” and taller have the opportunity to earn $1,000 in scholarship money, just by writing an essay about being… Read more here!

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