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Financial Aid for Living Expenses

No one ever said college was easy. For the next four years, you should be working hard. Just because you may spend a lot of time studying, that doesn't mean you aren't going to have the need for living expenses.There are options to finance your living expenses. Check bulletin boards for part time jobs. A lot of employers are willing to work with your schooling. Check out the possibility of a work study job that can help aid with your living expenses. Taking out a loan or a loan online. You can take out of student loan to help pay… Read more here!

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Choosing Where to Go to College

We’ve reached that time of year, when students hit overwhelm mode during their search for the perfect college. Choosing where to go to college is a big decision, and likely also one of the first major independent decisions a young person makes in life. Go Financial Aid recognizes the magnitude of this choice, and we realize that aspects like finances, your parents’ alma mater and other things certainly come into play during the decision-making process. But ultimately, your college of choice depends on what feels right for you. Actually settling on a school is about the last step in the… Read more here!

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CSS Profile November 15th Early Decision/Early Action deadline

THE CSS PROFILE DEADLINE IS APPROACHING!  Well, at least for those of you who opted to pursue Early Decision/Early Action for you college applications.  We recently talked about Early Decision/Action applications coming due, and now that November 1st has passed, students who chose that path have other documents to put on their to-do lists.  Next on the list is the CSS profile, which is due for Early Decision/Action students on November 15th. What the heck is the CSS profile?  You could be thinking that right now.  Well, if your Early Decision school is a private college (The Profile is most… Read more here!

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