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New College Financial Aid Programs

In a time when pennies are still being pinched and education costs are high, many wonder how they are going to afford college. The good news is, several schools recognize this great concern, and they are responding with plans to help you. New college financial aid programs are being developed to assist students and their families afford education at particular universities. Two "big buck" schools take center stage as the most recent examples: University of California, Berkeley and Harvard College. UC Berkeley Financial Aid Just weeks ago, this major university announced a "groundbreaking middle-class financial plan." The new program aims… Read more here!

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Increase Financial Aid

Ho-ho-hope Santa was good to all of you a few days ago!  With the holidays coming to a close and all of the generosity winding down, some of you are probably thinking about money and finances more.  Perhaps unfortunately, you are now concerned about school finances as well--FAFSA time is just around the corner after all.  Rest assured that there is always a way to increase financial aid--for you or your child. There are the classic aid sources--loans, scholarships, grants.  Closely related to the latter two are school endowments.  Let's talk about that for a moment.  Endowments are monies donated… Read more here!

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