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College Athletics and Financial Aid

Sports.  College.  Money.  With the shape of today’s economy, athletic students are looking at all three of these factors together.  Choosing a college to attend is a difficult decision in itself, and the cost of attendance is a major consideration today.  Ivy League college athletes take this challenge very seriously. At Harvard, financial aid opportunities have been a huge draw for college athletes.  Over 60% of Harvard students receive generous financial aid awards.  Not only this, but much of this money comes in the form of grants, making loan funds obsolete.  Need-based grants have been increased for all students—low and… Read more here!

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Financial Aid Workshops

Hi all!  Happy (almost) Valentine’s day.  So you’ve finally gotten the chance to really sit down and take in all of the financial aid details, the process, all of that.  But maybe you find that you are still a little bit stuck?  Lucky for you, we at Go Financial Aid loves to help people just like you find ways to better understand the financial aid process, as well as helping to get you the most aid possible.  Today, let’s take a few minutes and talk about one good way of obtaining the information and help that you need: financial aid… Read more here!

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College Money

Hey, guys! We've discussed it before, and if you take a spin around Google, you will see that the talk around the internet focuses on the best ways to obtain college money. There's good reason for this, you know. For one, we are smack in the middle of financial aid season, which means that money is on the brains of everyone concerned about college. More importantly, perhaps, is the fact that higher education is hard on the wallet--higher tuition, cuts in some aid programs; these all affect what students become responsible for in funding their education. Back in December we… Read more here!

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