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Why College is So Expensive

Hello all!  As we close out March, let’s take a minute to ponder what many college students and families undoubtedly find themselves wondering quite a bit—what makes college so expensive(startling fact: student loan debt in America currently tops over $1 TRILLION dollars)?  Over the years, this very question has been asked by everyone from student to parent to economist.  Even today, there is no clear explanation, but many ideas.  Let’s take a look… A common line of thinking questions the very nature of financial aid itself.  As this idea goes, essentially it is copious amounts of financial aid that most… Read more here!

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Financial Aid Shortage

Greetings and happy Spring to everyone! In a time when finances are up in the air and the economy is less than desirable, students and their families are feeling nervous about college.  And, while some schools are certainly doing their part to ease the financial burden caused by tuition hikes with better financial aid programs, the situation is still not perfect. The fact of the matter is that funding an education is simply harder these days, and state governments are feeling the heat too.  One such situation has recently been brought to light in the state of Illinois, where students… Read more here!

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Tuition Hikes and No-loan Thresholds

It seems a necessary evil that colleges are increasing their tuition these days.  The economy is lean, costs of operating large institutions are up, etc.  So it’s no wonder that each year we see a percentage hike in college costs.  However, some universities have been creative in their methods of counterbalancing the increase. Some schools, such as Dartmouth, for example, have upped the income level required of student’s families to receive certain financial aid.  In recent weeks, Dartmouth announced a change in its “no-loan financial aid threshold.”  At present, the school does not give loans to families who have an… Read more here!

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