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FAFSA Filing? ThereÂ’s an App for That!

Ah, FAFSA.  You are the cause of so many headaches for college families.  But hey, it’s not so easy filling out all of that personal, family and financial information…or is it?  From our good friends at the Internal Revenue Service (yes, they can be our friends) comes a great time saver in the financial aid process.  The IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) promises to find and fill in tax information right onto your FAFSA form! Here’s how it works… When you’re filling out your FAFSA online, complete everything you can as accurately as possible.  When you arrive at the financial… Read more here!

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What Moms Worry About When Sending Children to College

Happy Mother’s Day!  At Go Financial Aid, we are committed to sharing sound financial advice with college students and their families.  However, we do like to talk about college as a whole sometimes, and with today’s holiday, it seems like the perfect opportunity.  But where to start?  Well, it seems that all mothers have at least one thing in common: worry.  Our families do wonder about more than how to get FAFSA money, so let’s take a few minutes and talk about some of the things that moms worry about when they send their children to college. The Little Things… Read more here!

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