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Financial Aid and Student Success

We all know that financial aid has its benefits—mostly in the form of easing the burden on our wallets.  But have you considered the other ways it could help?  One group of researchers from an organization called MDRC is looking at how financial aid impact performance and enrollment.  These guys are looking at a scholarship-only plan and how it affects students.  “Scholarship-only,” in this case, means that these students receive just scholarships as financial aid, which are earned by having a) the financial need and b) meeting certain levels of academic achievement.  The thought here is that receiving and relying… Read more here!

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Appealing Your Financial Aid Award

As the financial aid train continues on its journey from FAFSA submission to Student Aid Report (SAR) receipt and onward to your choice colleges, there is one thing that students and families should know: financial aid isn’t a done deal.  What do we mean by this?  Well, when you get financial aid award letters from your college or other choice schools (if entering college for the first time), they will quote you what loans, grants and scholarships you may receive, and in what amounts.  If you’re satisfied, sign the paper and mail it back, accepting the award.  However, many people… Read more here!

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Financial Aid Pitfalls

Financial aid season 2013-2014 is underway.  Hopefully most of you are in the process of gathering necessary information to apply for college aid for the next schoolyear right now.  While prepping for FAFSA submission, be sure to steer clear of various financial aid pitfalls that may harm your chances of getting maximum aid.  Below, these financial aid pitfalls are broken up into problems to avoid, plus their corresponding fixes. The Problem: Procrastination At Go Financial Aid, we stress time and time again to be on top of your game when applying for aid.  The worst thing an applicant can do… Read more here!

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Upcoming Financial Aid Workshops

With financial aid season well underway, we want to make sure that all of you have the resources needed to make this complicated process as seamless as possible.  For those of you who've submitted the FAFSA: congrats!  Those who have not yet submitted their FAFSA have a variety of tools still at their disposal, and we'll talk about them here. As you probably know already, some indispensable references for financial aid help are both financial aid consultants and the FAFSA website.  Further information is available to students from specific schools, however, in the form of financial aid workshops and seminars. … Read more here!

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After FAFSA Submission

Hello All!  We told you recently in our last post that FAFSA season is now upon us.  Hopefully, many of you have acted on this info and filed that application.  If so, good for you.  You’ll be some of the first students in line to receive maximum financial aid awards.  Now that the hard part is over and that FAFSA has been sent in, you might wonder what happens next.  So, let’s take a few minutes and talk about that. I’ve submitted my FAFSA…Now what? Once your FAFSA has been completed as thoroughly and accurately as possible and you’ve sent… Read more here!

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2013 Financial Aid Resolutions

Happy New Year!  With 2012 now out the door and 2013 beginning, it’s likely that many of us have made resolutions for this new year.  Lose that holiday weight, finally clean out the closet of all the old clothes and shoes or even find that dream job you’ve been hoping for.  But what about financial aid?  OK, maybe we don’t really want to think about college money, but it’s definitely important.  So let’s think about some financial aid resolutions to set. File the FAFSA.  The financial aid season officially starts TODAY.  January 1st is here, so now you can file… Read more here!

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