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Estimating Your Financial Aid Reward

College is a serious financial undertaking. At first glance college can look like an unaffordable venture. However, there are multiple vehicles that can help you attend your goal institution without fear of not being able to afford it. These vehicles include scholarships, grants, and student loans. Despite the existence of financial aid, the anxiety of affording school can afflict students and their families up until the summer as they wait for their financial aid packages to be released! Applying for student aid through FAFSA and the CSS Profile is like playing the lottery - except everybody is a winner. Like… Read more here!

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What is the CSS Profile?

The CSS Profile stands for the College Scholarship Service Profile.. It is an online application offered by the College Board for nonfederal financial aid. The CSS Profile is used by almost 300 colleges, universities, professional schools, scholarship programs, and scholarships. Similar to the FAFSA, this application considers student and parent financial information in order to signify how much nonfederal financial aid the student is elibigle.However, the information you’ll need to provide for the CSS Profile is much more in depth than the FAFSA. Also dissimilar to the FAFSA, this application is not free. The CSS Profile has a $9 base Fee and it… Read more here!

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Early Decision and Early Acceptance

Early Decision and Early Acceptance Early Decision and Early Acceptance plans are two avenues that can get high school students into their top school. Applicants who apply earlier have a higher chance of being accepted to their chosen institution. Early applications can help students get into reach schools like Stanford University (CA), Boston College (MA)  and Yale University (CT) amongst other top institutions  in throughout the country. Sounds pretty good, right? Before starting your early application process make sure to consider the following: There is a difference between Early Decision and Early Acceptance Plans Early Decision applications are “binding,” meaning… Read more here!

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Funding for Non-Tradition Students

Going back to school shopping for yourself may not have been what you thought you’d be doing 20 years ago. But, with the ever changing job market there has been a drastic increase in adults returning to school to complete a wide variety of degrees. Some things have changed since the last time you attended class - one of the most notable changes being the ever-rising cost of tuition. However, one thing has remained constant, that financial aid is available to help make college affordable. In fact, there are more financial aid options available to you than your younger counterparts.… Read more here!

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Go Financial Aid New Site Launch

Happy holidays!  This year, for Go Financial Aid’s gift from us to you, we wanted to bring you something really fun and exciting.  We worked long and hard on it, so hopefully you enjoy it.  What is it?  Well, you might have actually snuck a peek at it already; it’s our new website design!  There’s loads of good stuff there, so to make sure you get the most of it, we wanted to give everyone the insider’s look.  Let’s see what’s new… • Responsive, Adaptable Design Go Financial Aid’s new site design presents users with extreme versatility.  Every website today… Read more here!

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Go Financial Aid Offers Advice on BET

Go Financial Aid offered a Top 7 FAFSA Tips and Tricks to BET.com. Check it out at the BET Article. This includes: Fill Out a Practice FAFSA Reduce Your Family’s Adjusted Gross Income Get Rid of All Your Liquid Assets (Intelligently!) Leave No Entry Blank Apply Early (January) Timing Is Critical Title Accounts in the Parents' Name Enjoy! Read more here!

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Announcement! New Interview series from Go Financial aid

Hello Everyone! Big things are happening at Go Financial Aid, and we're gearing up to give away some money ( Wait did I just giveaway part of the surprise?) Before we empty our pockets on you, I've decided to do something to make your lives even better. *GASP*  HOW COULD MY LIFE GET BETTER? That's where I come in! Starting this week, I'm launching our "Community Spotlight" interview series. The format is simple: I reach out to bloggers, businesses, and organizations that are doing admirable things in our space of higher education, financial aid, and student life. I ask them three… Read more here!

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Go Financial Aid is on Facebook and Twitter!

We are on the sites you and 85% of college students just can't get enough of. Check us out on  Twitter and Facebook !! Follow us and become our fan!! See what others are saying and even have our tweets sent to your cell phone. You can never know too much when it comes to saving yourself money for college! Read more here!

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Go Financial Aid Media - Pitt Article

The University of Pittsburgh recently posted an article on Go Financial Aid. CBA Entrepreneur Grows Company by Assisting Students. Read more here!

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School Aid Is Finally Here!

The much anticipated School Aid is finally here! He touched down this weekend on the University of Pittsburgh campus to help students manage their financial aid difficulties. Check out this financial aid genius in action:In case you don't remember School Aid's much older cousin, check out the Kool-Aid video below:For more information, check out GoSchoolAid.com. Read more here!

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