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Scholarship Tips and Tricks

Scholarship Tips and Tricks: Advice from a Scholarship Winner Summertime is great. It's a time for freedom, a time to ease up on your academic course load, and a time for you to generate some money for college. Summer is an ideal time to apply for scholarships, to avoid having to take out educational loans for the school year.  "Scholarship" brings both a sense of optimisn and an overwhelmingly daunting feeling for students. Everyone wants a scholarship, but due to the time involvement and their competitive nature, they can be discouraging. With such a competitive environment, how can you ensure that… Read more here!

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Funding for Non-Tradition Students

Going back to school shopping for yourself may not have been what you thought you’d be doing 20 years ago. But, with the ever changing job market there has been a drastic increase in adults returning to school to complete a wide variety of degrees. Some things have changed since the last time you attended class - one of the most notable changes being the ever-rising cost of tuition. However, one thing has remained constant, that financial aid is available to help make college affordable. In fact, there are more financial aid options available to you than your younger counterparts.… Read more here!

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Private Colleges Are Willing To Give More

Going to college is becoming increasingly unaffordable for many American families. According to a report by the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, college tuition and fees have stunningly increased nearly 570 percent over the past 30 years. An American family, on average, is expected to pay $9,000 a year for an in-state public college and more than $30,000 for a private college. Obviously, this is a huge difference for a lot of families, who are responding to the price jump by giving up the option of going to private colleges. There has been a substantial decrease in… Read more here!

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Dealing with the Financial Aid Award Letter

For many of us, getting our hands on the financial aid letter from our choice school is a stepping stone, something to celebrate.  After all, the funds listed on that piece of paper are what make college more affordable and therefore more possible.  As a follow-up to our previous discussion on college acceptance and financial aid, let’s talk about a few more financial aid considerations that come into play upon moving on towards college life.  Specifically, let’s talk more about that financial aid award letter and how to better understand and deal with it. Locate the free aid.  On every… Read more here!

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College Acceptance and Financial Aid

College acceptance letters are slowly starting to trickle in.  Some of you may have already gotten a few.  As March draws to a close, more and more of these acceptances will be coming in, causing a whirlwind of anxiety for many students.  It's also a very exciting time.  But college acceptance isn't all about the "Congratulations!" letters.  Families also must be concerned with financing education.  So, as those acceptance roll in, rememeber a few things: Compare costs.  Sticker price of individual schools is just that--a sticker price.  Many higher cost schools make up for the high tuition rate by offering… Read more here!

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College Fundraising

When students apply for financial aid, the final award is given by their college.  Some of these funds are allocated by federal grant and loan programs for schools to give out, but universities must cover some things themselves.  So, where do they get this extra money to hand out to students each year?  Even still, what else do they use it for?  There are a few things to talk about in this regard, so let's get to it. For one thing, did you know that your college has a fundraising or gift giving office?  Many schools do, and the duty… Read more here!

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Don’t Forget the CSS Profile

With all of the hustle and bustle of both tax season and FAFSA filing, we tend to think that the FAFSA is the on and only financial aid form to concern ourselves with.  That's not true for some, however.  In addition to this staple of a financial aid document, other schools use unique financial aid applications as well as the CSS Profile.  So, don't forget about the CSS Profile! A quick rundown, for those who might need the inside scoop on this document, goes something like this... The CSS Profile can, if you will, be thought of as the cousin… Read more here!

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Financial Aid and Student Success

We all know that financial aid has its benefits—mostly in the form of easing the burden on our wallets.  But have you considered the other ways it could help?  One group of researchers from an organization called MDRC is looking at how financial aid impact performance and enrollment.  These guys are looking at a scholarship-only plan and how it affects students.  “Scholarship-only,” in this case, means that these students receive just scholarships as financial aid, which are earned by having a) the financial need and b) meeting certain levels of academic achievement.  The thought here is that receiving and relying… Read more here!

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Appealing Your Financial Aid Award

As the financial aid train continues on its journey from FAFSA submission to Student Aid Report (SAR) receipt and onward to your choice colleges, there is one thing that students and families should know: financial aid isn’t a done deal.  What do we mean by this?  Well, when you get financial aid award letters from your college or other choice schools (if entering college for the first time), they will quote you what loans, grants and scholarships you may receive, and in what amounts.  If you’re satisfied, sign the paper and mail it back, accepting the award.  However, many people… Read more here!

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Upcoming Financial Aid Workshops

With financial aid season well underway, we want to make sure that all of you have the resources needed to make this complicated process as seamless as possible.  For those of you who've submitted the FAFSA: congrats!  Those who have not yet submitted their FAFSA have a variety of tools still at their disposal, and we'll talk about them here. As you probably know already, some indispensable references for financial aid help are both financial aid consultants and the FAFSA website.  Further information is available to students from specific schools, however, in the form of financial aid workshops and seminars. … Read more here!

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