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Funding for Non-Tradition Students

Going back to school shopping for yourself may not have been what you thought you’d be doing 20 years ago. But, with the ever changing job market there has been a drastic increase in adults returning to school to complete a wide variety of degrees. Some things have changed since the last time you attended class - one of the most notable changes being the ever-rising cost of tuition. However, one thing has remained constant, that financial aid is available to help make college affordable. In fact, there are more financial aid options available to you than your younger counterparts.… Read more here!

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Federal Grant Reserved for Education Students

Federal student aid is generally allocated to those with a financial need or in a special circumstance, but students going to school for teaching can be an exception to that rule. This grant, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, rewards recipients with $4,000 a year for four years, saving you from $16,000 of school loans.  You may be thinking, “Free money, that is not based on financial need…is there a catch?” Yes—Post graduation, you must serve a four-year term as a full-time teacher in a primary, middle, or secondary school in a high-need field and in a low-income community.… Read more here!

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Dealing with the Financial Aid Award Letter

For many of us, getting our hands on the financial aid letter from our choice school is a stepping stone, something to celebrate.  After all, the funds listed on that piece of paper are what make college more affordable and therefore more possible.  As a follow-up to our previous discussion on college acceptance and financial aid, let’s talk about a few more financial aid considerations that come into play upon moving on towards college life.  Specifically, let’s talk more about that financial aid award letter and how to better understand and deal with it. Locate the free aid.  On every… Read more here!

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College Acceptance and Financial Aid

College acceptance letters are slowly starting to trickle in.  Some of you may have already gotten a few.  As March draws to a close, more and more of these acceptances will be coming in, causing a whirlwind of anxiety for many students.  It's also a very exciting time.  But college acceptance isn't all about the "Congratulations!" letters.  Families also must be concerned with financing education.  So, as those acceptance roll in, rememeber a few things: Compare costs.  Sticker price of individual schools is just that--a sticker price.  Many higher cost schools make up for the high tuition rate by offering… Read more here!

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Appealing Your Financial Aid Award

As the financial aid train continues on its journey from FAFSA submission to Student Aid Report (SAR) receipt and onward to your choice colleges, there is one thing that students and families should know: financial aid isn’t a done deal.  What do we mean by this?  Well, when you get financial aid award letters from your college or other choice schools (if entering college for the first time), they will quote you what loans, grants and scholarships you may receive, and in what amounts.  If you’re satisfied, sign the paper and mail it back, accepting the award.  However, many people… Read more here!

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After FAFSA Submission

Hello All!  We told you recently in our last post that FAFSA season is now upon us.  Hopefully, many of you have acted on this info and filed that application.  If so, good for you.  You’ll be some of the first students in line to receive maximum financial aid awards.  Now that the hard part is over and that FAFSA has been sent in, you might wonder what happens next.  So, let’s take a few minutes and talk about that. I’ve submitted my FAFSA…Now what? Once your FAFSA has been completed as thoroughly and accurately as possible and you’ve sent… Read more here!

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Financial Aid Season 2013

Hello, all!  With just a few days left in 2012, Go Financial Aid has some important information to remind you of.  Beginning January 1st, the financial aid season officially begins.  So what does this mean to you?  F-A-F-S-A.  The beginning of the new year rings in with lots of parties and celebrating and resolutions, but it is also the earliest opportunity any student has to get financial aid for college. If you are a frequent visitor to this site, you know how very important the FAFSA is, because we say a good bit about it.  If not (or it's your… Read more here!

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The Fiscal Cliff and Financial Aid

The financial aid season is drawing near, and with it comes a flurry of questions and concerns about federal financial aid.  There is no doubt that financial aid plays a huge role in funding the educations of the majority of U.S. college students.  However, more changes for financial aid could be on the horizon. Many have heard about the debates regarding the proposed “fiscal cliff” since President Obama’s re-election last month.  Well, according to college experts, this plan could potentially put a damper on college financial aid.  What the fiscal cliff will do in general is automatically cut spending on… Read more here!

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Financial Aid Debit Cards

When you think of financial aid, usually such things as your college financial aid office, the FAFSA and a university-based financial aid account come to mind.  However, did you know that over half of community and state colleges disburse financial aid money (loans, grants, etc.) in a different way?  It’s true; these schools join forces with outside institutions to provide financial aid debit cards to college students.  Sounds pretty handy, right?  Wrong.  According to new research, this method of providing aid is actually more troublesome and prone to increasing student debt. While it’s convenient to have your financial aid funds… Read more here!

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“Know What You Owe”

Ah, the sweet smell of freedom…almost.  The end of April signifies a few important things to college students: finals week (sigh) and approaching graduation for seniors (yay).  It’s a great feeling to know that you will be done with the pressures of academia, but new challenges await you.  One biggie is financial aid repayment.  As the euphoria of freedom winds down, students realize that there are some major responsibilities to be had in paying back the money they borrowed for their education. In light of this startling realization, it’s a good idea to get ahead of the game.  As one… Read more here!

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