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Funding for Non-Tradition Students

Going back to school shopping for yourself may not have been what you thought you’d be doing 20 years ago. But, with the ever changing job market there has been a drastic increase in adults returning to school to complete a wide variety of degrees. Some things have changed since the last time you attended class - one of the most notable changes being the ever-rising cost of tuition. However, one thing has remained constant, that financial aid is available to help make college affordable. In fact, there are more financial aid options available to you than your younger counterparts.… Read more here!

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After FAFSA Submission

Hello All!  We told you recently in our last post that FAFSA season is now upon us.  Hopefully, many of you have acted on this info and filed that application.  If so, good for you.  You’ll be some of the first students in line to receive maximum financial aid awards.  Now that the hard part is over and that FAFSA has been sent in, you might wonder what happens next.  So, let’s take a few minutes and talk about that. I’ve submitted my FAFSA…Now what? Once your FAFSA has been completed as thoroughly and accurately as possible and you’ve sent… Read more here!

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The Fiscal Cliff and Financial Aid

The financial aid season is drawing near, and with it comes a flurry of questions and concerns about federal financial aid.  There is no doubt that financial aid plays a huge role in funding the educations of the majority of U.S. college students.  However, more changes for financial aid could be on the horizon. Many have heard about the debates regarding the proposed “fiscal cliff” since President Obama’s re-election last month.  Well, according to college experts, this plan could potentially put a damper on college financial aid.  What the fiscal cliff will do in general is automatically cut spending on… Read more here!

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How to Pay for College

You've done it.  You finished high school and decided to pursue higher education (a wise move, given stringent requirements for good jobs and the sore lack of them these days).  But there's still a monkey on your back, and you wonder how to pay for college.  True, education is a HUGE investment, but there are lots of ways to pay for it.  Take a look. 1. Out of pocket (or your parents') While there's a very good chance that you will not have to absorb all college costs yourself, few students go without having to pay anything (i.e. full-ride scholarships,… Read more here!

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Deciphering Your Financial Aid Award Letter

You've applied for aid, you've patiently waited, and now you have this letter you are desperately trying to decipher what it all means! Here are some helpful hints: Information your award letter will contain: a full explanation of the cost of attendance (all fees included) and the financial aid you can expect to be receiving in the form of federal aid, state aid, and scholarships. What does COA mean? Cost of Attendance. This the projected total cost of your college attendance. This includes tuition, fees, room and board, books, and transportation. Words to look for: If you see the words… Read more here!

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What to Look for in Your Potential College…

There are many things to look for when choosing your "home" for the next four years. Here are a few of the most important things to consider, before making one of the biggest decisions in your life thus far! COST. You need to consider your annual cost of attendance. This will include such things as tuition, fees, room and board, books, travel, and other school necessities. However, you should not rule out a school just because it may be a little out of your initial price range. You need to take into consideration if you are eligible for grants, any… Read more here!

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The ABC’s of Financial Aid

Academic Year- a time period of at least 30 weeks of class time. During this time a student is expected to complete at least 24 semester or trimester hours or a minimum of 36 quarter hours. Borrower- Person who receives a loan. Consolidation- a loan program were a borrower can combine various educational loans into one loan. This is done by extending the repayment period and making a single monthly payment. This can be a time period up to 30 years and can make the repayment process easier for borrowers. Deferment- a time period in which a borrower may postpone… Read more here!

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Work Study

Federal Work-Study provides part-time work for undergraduate and graduate students who have the need for financial aid. These programs allow students to earn money to help defray the costs of college. A majority of work study programs encourage work in a student’s major or provide a student with a community service opportunity. On campus jobs generally mean you will be working for your school. If you receive an off campus work study this means you will be employed by a nonprofit organization. Off campus work study must be related to your coursework. Now of course, you’d like to know about… Read more here!

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Financial Aid Money

By now, it is not a secret: college is expensive. Whether you are a high school senior, already in college, or thinking about heading back to school, there are ways to save. Here is our list of tricks and tips to get the most out of college for as little as possible: Free Money: It does exist and it exists in many forms. Grant Money- Money from the federal government, issued on a need-based, first-come, first serve basis. Federal Pell Grant- awarded to students pursuing their first bachelor’s degree. These grants are normally awarded to students with a family income… Read more here!

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What is EFC? If EFC means nothing to you, chances are you have not filled out a FAFSA application yet.  Anyone who fills out a FAFSA application will receive an EFC score. EFC stands for Expected Family Contribution.  In short, EFC determines whether or not you are eligible for federal financial aid. The EFC number you receive upon completing the FAFSA form is the amount of money a family can expect to contribute to their child’s post secondary education. The Department of Education then subtracts the EFC from the student’s cost of attending college and that number represents a student’s… Read more here!

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