Anyone who has filled out the FAFSA form, going through the extensive process of obtaining all the necessary information and then making sure the form is filled out accurately, knows all too well how stressful and frustrating it can be.  According to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, the days of suffering over the FAFSA may be well on their way to ending.

On October 4th, Duncan participated in a teleconference with student journalists from all around the US.  Reiterating statements made by President Obama, he stressed the significance of raising America’s world-wide ranking of college graduates, which has dropped to 12th from the very top.

The teleconference was held in support of the “Get Schooled” campaign that is being run by MTV and College Board, which is focused on rewarding any students who can come up with new ideas to ease the process of the FAFSA, as well as making its website more navigable.  College Board representatives present at the teleconference attribute the difficulty of the FAFSA as a major reason why people are choosing not to go to college.  Duncan insists that progress on the document has to go further, saying that the government is in the process of making the FAFSA much more doable for all people.  He also spoke of other programs being implemented by the Obama administration to encourage college graduation, such as loan forgiveness for public service workers and the complete restructuring of school loans to ease the strain on students’ finances.

While it remains evident that the FAFSA is by no means a simple document fill out, it is extremely important in obtaining the amount of financial aid you’ll need for school.  The federal government obviously sees the importance of college graduation, especially in the current fledgling economic state, and is taking significant steps in helping people make this goal possible.

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