As I’m sure you all know, making college affordable is a crucial aspect in the loan searching process.  There are countless financial aid forms to be filled out and submitted by specific dates, and all of this documentation can get pretty overwhelming, to say the very least.

The FAFSA and CSS PROFILE forms will determine your EFC (Expected Family Contribution), so they should be carefully filled out and submitted by the designated dates.   The CSS PROFILE is available online by October 1st for students interested in early decision, and the FAFSA applications can be submitted beginning on January 1st.  Completing these forms can be perplexing, adding unnecessary stress to the college search. If you are finding that the process of filling out such paperwork is becoming confusing and fairly complicated, you should consider a financial aid consultant.

Advantages of Financial Aid Consultants

  • While “doing it yourself” is thought to save money, it is also extremely time consuming and can result in errors that will cost you considerable funds that you are trying to save.  The expertise of an experienced financial aid consultant will surely save you money in the long run by eliminating such errors.
  • A financial aid consultant can save you time on extensive research about student loans, scholarships, etc.  A knowledgeable consultant will also know what to look for pertaining to such grants and what to avoid, steering you clear of “deals” that may cost you more than you’d save.
  • Added stress is taken off your shoulders by having countless forms completed for you that you would originally have to complete on your own.  A financial aid consultant will guide you through the process, making sure you are aware of all deadlines, as well as answering all questions you may have pertaining to financial forms and other desired loans.

Be sure to avoid a college financial aid advisor who is inexperienced, charges excessive fees or requires unnecessary steps in the consulting process, such as interviews to determine if you qualify for help.

Go Financial Aid offers assistance in this process with experienced, well-educated college financial aid consultants that will thoroughly evaluate your financial options, and help you find the best possible plan for you, saving you time and money in the long run.

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