Now that you've figured out how to finance college, here's some tips to ensure you get your money's worth!

  • Pay attention to deadlines (Not just financial aid ones!). You'll need to pay attention to all deadlines (midterms, finals, graduation applications, etc.).
  • Set goals and believe in yourself. Find out what you like and are good at and give it your all.
  • Attend class, pay attention, and be on time! You can't learn if you are not there.
  • Know when to ask for help. Everyone wants to see you succeed. Your professors don't want to see you fall behind.
  • Get involved. Take on some extra curricular activities. You'll meet new people, develop new skills, build your resume, and have fun while learning.
  • Take full advantage of the resources and facilities your college has to offer--advising, counseling, career planning, job placement, writing centers, financial aid help, student health, libraries, the gym, computer centers, etc. They are there; use them!
  • Have fun but don't have too much fun. Partying every night may lead to some serious academic problems.
  • If you have questions, ask the appropriate people. Other students are not advisers.

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