While colleges are supposed to give perspective students and their families the full cost of attendance, be careful especially when searching online the cost of attendance listed on a college's website may not include all hidden fees, living expenses, books, etc.

College costs include:

  • Tuition- Cost of your classes, whether you are part-time (which more than likely means paying per credit) or full-time.
  • Fees- Which include but are not limited to activities, gym, health care, lab, technology, library, etc.. Some of these fees are even included for distance learners.
  • Dorms/Rent
  • Meal Plans/Food
  • Books
  • Other supplies: you may be required to have your own computer, a fancy calculator, nursing school supplies, etc..
  • Insurance. A lot of schools require proof of health insurance. If you are no longer eligible to be on a parent's plan or do not have health insurance of your own, you may be required to purchase the school's health insurance. If you have health insurance through a parent or yourself, it may be recommended that your purchase your school's plan if you are out of network with your own. If you become ill or injured, it is possible your student health center may refer you elsewhere for treatment.
  • Transportation. At the very least, students will need a way to get to and from home. If you have a car on campus, you may also be required to may for a parking permit.

In addition to these costs students need to take into consideration items that are necessities for dorm or apartment life. Students will need sheets, towels, toiletries, school supplies, alarm clocks, etc..  Not to mention spending money.  Any college student will tell you in order to get the full college experience you are going to need to experience the social aspect of college. Students may need spending money for sporting events, activities for various clubs and organizations, movies, concerts, eating out, etc..

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