If you haven't already completed your FAFSA this year, get on it! Since time is money, make sure your form is perfect! Here are some errors to avoid in order to get your application processed as quickly as possible and ensure you get your maximum financial aid award.

  1. Entering the wrong address. Make sure you enter your permanent address. Where ever you live during the school year or possibly over the summer is not considered your permanent address.
  2. Sending a copy of your income tax return along with your completed FAFSA application. It is not necessary! If for some reason verification is needed, you will be contacted.
  3. Don't forget to list your school. Remember to obtain your federal school code. If you aren't sure what school you will be attending, enter the schools you have applied at.
  4. Remember to sign and date.
  5. Answer all questions on drug related offenses. If you aren't sure find out and if you do have a conviction that does not automatically disqualify you.
  6. Get marital statuses right. Only put yes if you are currently married and if a parent has remarried you will need to include stepparent's information as well.
  7. Make sure your Social Security Number and Driver's license number are correct.
  8. Fill in all the blanks. Don't leave anything blank. Remember to use zeros or not applicable. Too many blanks cause problems.
  9. Be careful when entering the amount of your federal income tax. Get your information from your income tax return forms, not your W-2.
  10. When calculating dollar amounts always round to the nearest dollar.

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