What is a CSS Profile? CSS Profile stands for College Scholarship Service Profile! This is one application that allows students to apply for financial aid. It gives private members of the College Board a look at the finances of a student and their family. It goes much further into detail than the FAFSA form does. Why is it important?

As always, there is an emphasis on getting the most financial aid possible. This form is used to determine preliminary eligibility for institutional scholarships, grants, and loans.

How much? While the FAFSA is free, there is a cost for your CSS Profile. There is a $24 fee for the first college (which includes a $5 registration free and $18 processing fee). For each additional college, you will have to pay the processing fee.

Who uses a CSS Profile? A lot of colleges that offer early acceptance admissions will use a CSS Profile.

Why? Because students are offered admission before January 1st, which means they are unable to complete a FAFSA early. The form allows colleges to make preliminary decisions regarding financial aid. It can later be edited according to the FAFSA.

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