THE CSS PROFILE DEADLINE IS APPROACHING!  Well, at least for those of you who opted to pursue Early Decision/Early Action for you college applications.  We recently talked about Early Decision/Action applications coming due, and now that November 1st has passed, students who chose that path have other documents to put on their to-do lists.  Next on the list is the CSS profile, which is due for Early Decision/Action students on November 15th.

What the heck is the CSS profile?  You could be thinking that right now.  Well, if your Early Decision school is a private college (The Profile is most frequently used by them) you will need to know.  In the most basic terms, the Profile is an addendum to the FAFSA form you will be completing in January.  The CSS Profile is considered to be a supplement form to determine what you and your family should pay towards your education (This is your EFC.  Click the link to learn more about it!).  In turn, this will help figure out how much financial aid you should get.

What’s different about the CSS Profile compared to the FAFSA is what aspects of your finances are considered.  Both forms will look at student’s annual income, family income, taxes, etc.  The CSS Profile, however, will go a step further and take a look at various assets you have, such as home equity.  Getting a clear image of what you have financially helps your school and the government to determine what you can afford to pay for college.  The less you can put towards schooling, the more government loans and grants you will probably receive, and vice-versa.

As a reminder for financial aid forms, be sure to have the following information handy:

  • W-2 Forms for the last year
  • Tax Returns from the last year
  • Records of investments
  • Recent bank statements

And, as a change of pace from the typical financial paperwork, the CSS profile also consider if there is a family member already in college, or who has recently graduated.  If someone is already paying for college in your home, this may very likely affect how much can be put towards another education!

So, you’ve got some information to chew on.  Take a look at some of the provided links to learn more specific details regarding the CSS Profile and CSS Profile November 15th Early Decision/Early Action deadline.  Can’t get enough of us?  Need a little more financial aid help?  Contact Go Financial Aid today for all the best in financial aid solutions!

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