Each year, thousands of students flock towards the countless scholarship opportunities made available to them.  These scholarships more often than not require certain things from applicants—an outstanding GPA, lengthy and absolutely grueling essays or enrollment in a specific academic program/major.  You can skip right over these limiting requirements with a select few easy scholarships that need only the basics.  Take a look at some of them below.

  • Scholarship Zone.  SZ provides a rare opportunity to scholarship seekers to find and apply for a scholarship with no hassle.  The application process, which functions more like a contest entry, doesn’t require any (painful) essay writing or proof of certain skills.  All you have to do is fill out the entry form/registration and you’re name goes into the drawing.  Upon entering, applicants are next prompted through a series of offers (i.e. online degree programs and the like); however participation is not necessary to win.  Added to the simple application is the absolute freedom the winner has in using the money—books, tuition, loan repayment etc. are all fair game.  And oh, did we mention the SZ scholarship is for $10,000?  Nice!
  • U.S. Bank Scholarship.  The U.S. Bank rewards its online visitors by offering a $1000 scholarship opportunity.  It is slightly less competitive than others, as 40 awards are given out each year, and the application is pretty simple.  There are a few eligibility requirements, but they are the usual.  Applicants must be graduating seniors in high school or college freshman, sophomores and juniors; your university has to be participating in the program, you must actually be enrolled at the school by September 2012, and you must be a U.S. Citizen.  Scholarships are awarded randomly and winners will know by mid-April that they were chosen.  By August, each award will be disbursed.
  • $1000 Monthly Survey Scholarship.  College Prowler, well-known for its college information “for students, by students,” has a monthly opportunity for students to win one of the easiest scholarships out there.  CP wants your take on your alma mater, so all you have to do is fill out a survey about your experience at your school.  You’ll have to register on the site first—don’t worry it’ll take just a minute—but it’s smooth sailing from there.  Do the survey and be entered for a $1000 award.  You know what else is nice?  Even alumni can win (maybe some extra cash to pay back loans?).  AND if you refer other people, you get more entries for the award (your friends will have to complete a survey by going through your unique referral link).  Winners are chosen randomly.

This sounds pretty good, right?  Go for it—easy scholarships mean that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  And hey, if there are other opportunities that—despite stricter guidelines—you want to pursue, have at it (free money is free money after all, and a challenge never hurt anyone).  No matter how you apply for them and what’s required, scholarships are an absolute asset to any student.   Questions?  Go Financial Aid has all of your scholarship and financial aid solutions, so drop us a line.

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