Wow the days must be getting longer because FAFSA season is in full effect. I've been around the internet a couple of times and here are the sentiments I hear:

"AHAHA I need FAFSA help. I NNEEEED help with FAFSA-who the **** is going to help me with my FAFSA- Free me from the FAFSA!"

Alright, I'm not a superhero, nor do I pretend to be one of the internet, but I do have a superhuman solution:The FAFSA HELP NUMBER! Call us! (888) 544-9898. Don't worry, this isn't a dream.... we have a FAFSA HELP NUMBER. Who can honestly do this and still have a life? Not us apparently, but we don't care about the latter, so it's your lucky day. Call us  (888) 544-9898 with your problems, and we'll do our best to help.

If the idea of hearing someone's voice freaks you out, I have a SECOND SUPERHUMAN option: The FAFSA Help Form.  *Gasp*Yes it's here! The almighty FAFSA king has granted you one wish, so ask carefully! Send us your FAFSA question via our contact form and we'll do our best to answer it. Just be sure to have the heading label "the FAFSA" so we don't mark it as spam! Sounds like a dream right? Well it might be dreamy, but I assure you it's real. Again, here is our FAFSA HELP FORM.

Maybe the idea of talking AND typing freaks you out; what do you do then? Well I have a THIRD OPTION: Free Fafsa Help Online.

Lucky for you, we already know some of things you're going to ask! That's why we've designed a FAFSA page to help you get through the process. To get you there faster, here are the quick links to specific pages:

FAFSA Calculator

FAFSA Trick and Tips

FAFSA Renewal

Dependency Status

What is FAFSA?


If you managed to skip the entire article and end up right here, then here's a recap of everything important:

We have a FAFSA Help Number: (888) 544-9898

We have a Fafsa Help Form

We have a Fafsa Help Page

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