It is really important to be aware of the amount of financial aid you will be eligible to receive.  To do this, you should calculate your expected family contribution (EFC), the amount of money you and your family will be able to contribute toward your education, which will show you how much financial aid you can get.

It is beneficial for you to know what to expect when you fill out the actual FAFSA form, obtaining your official EFC, as it is extremely important to avoid making errors in your responses.  Your EFC number determines your eligibility for the Federal Pell Grant, so it is crucial that you fill out the form accurately, as any errors will significantly decrease your eligibility for financial aid.

You shouldn’t wait until filling out the FAFSA to find out what your EFC is.  By using a FAFSA Calculator, you can get a good estimate of your EFC ahead of time, which will help you start budgeting and figuring out how much financial aid you will need.  The FAFSA Calculator requires filling out a form with questions pertaining to you and your family’s income, your dependency status, the number of people attending college in your family, and so on…and it’s free!

The FAFSA Calculator is a quick and easy way to find out your EFC early, giving you a head start on the financial aid process.

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