The FAFSA helps provide funding for eligible students to make college more affordable. Filling out the FAFSA correctly and completely is of the utmost importance to be considered for substantial financial aid.

WIth the FAFSA deadline quickly approaching (June 30th), it is imperative that all necessary adjustments, or corrections, are made. While going through your FAFSA with a fine-tooth comb, keep the following quick tips in mind:

  • Federal Deadline for FAFSA Corrections is June 30th, 2016
  • You use your FSA ID to log in to your account, then click Make FAFSA Corrections to begin the editing process
  • Check and make sure your application has:
    • ​No blank fields
    • Correct information
      • Check the little, silly, potential mistakes such as the spelling of your name, your social security number, the spelling of your parents'/legal guardians' names, and their social security numbers
    • Make sure that you answered all the questions completely. Don't let the financial and government jargon throw you off. It could be the difference in receiving a substantial federal award or coming up empty-handed. Use this hand, dandy, glossary of financial aid terms to help clarify. 
    • Report your parent information. If you are considered a dependent student while filling out the FAFSA, then you must include your parents' information. 
    • All your income tax information included
      • If you have not already included your income tax information, FAFSA and the IRS have created a quick and easy way to get your information automatically filled in for you (ensuring it's not only filled out, but correct as well)! 
        The IRS Data Retrieval Tool is your friend. On your financial information page you will see a "link to IRS" hyperlink, which willl allow you to access the IRS Data Retrieval Tool. The site may ask you for the FSA ID and password of the person's taxes you are trying to access, as well as their address. If your taxes are available, you'll be able to link them directly to your FAFSA in this manner!
    • When you fnish correcting your FAFSA make sure to save and submit your application or nothing you did will count!
    • Don't forget to sign! You should be prompted to sign during the save and submit process. 

It never hurts to double check or triple check your forms when it comes down to receiving money for school. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact one of our Financial Aid Consultants before it's too late! 

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