Whoa, can't believe it's summer already...Well, OK, maybe the 90-degree weather was a little bit of a hint. In any case, this time of the year has many students singing along with Alice Cooper the words to his infamous "School's Out."  Now you'll have that song stuck in your head (It's OK, it could be worse...like Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend.").  You're welcome.

Remember, though, that just because students are on a break doesn't mean that all the serious stuff is done...yet.  There is still one major deadline drawing near: the deadline for the FAFSA.  That's right, this important financial aid deadline is just days away now, clocking in on June 30th.

While it's true that several schools have their own established due date for this application (which may have passed anywhere between the end of March and sometime in May), the end-of-June date is the standard set by FAFSA.  If you have not yet sent it in, NOW IS THE TIME TO FILE YOUR FAFSA.  There's really no reason to risk your FAFSA money (or even pay late fees) by not getting this in on time, folks.

And as you get yourselves squared away for the next academic year and enjoy many summer vacations, we here at Go Financial Aid will be gearing up for the next year as well.  The blog is also going on vacation, and while you may not have the pleasure of reading snappy articles the next few months, Go Financial Aid has some awesome projects that will continue in development.  Keep an eye out for a relaunching of the website, with cool new features like a brand-spankin'-new Q & A section.  The Q & A will feature common questions and may even include reader-submitted questions!

We hope you all have a great summer (and remember to get that FAFSA in June 30th!)!  If you have any last minute concerns for this financial aid season or just want to get some more info, check out our solutions section or drop us a line.  

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