Knowing what to expect from the FAFSA form is something most people desire, but may feel isn’t possible.  Well, here’s some good news: a FAFSA estimator is available to fill out online, which will give you an estimate of what your financial aid eligibility is before you even touch the actual form.

It’s never too early to start preparing for financial aid for college.  Knowing a base amount for your eligibility will keep you ahead of the game, so you won’t be feeling in the dark about how much aid you’ll be receiving.  Websites like FAFSA4caster provide FAFSA estimator services that can then be transferred to the actual FAFSA On The Web once you’re all set to apply.  You can even apply for your Federal Student Aid PIN, which you will need to fill out the FAFSA form.

Along with giving you an estimate of the amount of aid you’ll be eligible to receive, the FAFSA estimator will also extend your knowledge of the financial aid process.  You’ll see all the information that you will need to provide, so you can have it ready for filling out future forms.  It can also inform you about other financial aid sources, such as grants, scholarships and different kinds of private loans.

Don’t stress out about the FAFSA.  There are plenty of resources available to make the process much easier and less time consuming for you, so you’ll be more than prepared to face the financial aid process head on.

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