There were so many questions I had when I went to complete my FAFSA for the first time back in 2003. Actually, I had so many questions that I put the application to the side and had a family friend complete it for me! I’m not sure if the answers weren’t there or if I just didn’t take the time out to seek the answers. Well, hopefully you won’t have to go through what I went through. There is FAFSA help for you.

When you go to log onto your FAFSA application online, you will find that there are several answers to your questions.

If you find you need more help when it comes to completing your FAFSA, there is even a number you can call -- 888-544-9898.

In addition, calling is not your only option to receive FAFSA help. Maybe you prefer email. You can email as many questions as you would like, for as long as you would like to

If you would prefer to contact the U.S. Department of Education directly, you can log on to, to chat online, live with someone to help you along with the process. Even more so, we at Go Financial Aid understand you may need a more hands on approach to receiving FAFSA help. We have financial aid consultants who will actually sit down with you and help you with you complete your FAFSA.

You don’t have to be like me when I looked at my FAFSA for the first time—overwhelmed, filled with questions, and looking for a way out! FAFSA help is nearby for you. There are so many options. You can call, email, chat live, or sit with a consultant to get all the FAFSA help you need. You can combine these options if necessary. Send a call one day or send out an email the next. Ask all the questions you need, and you are sure to find the answers. 

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