You’ve spent the past few years researching, visiting, and making decisions the will impact your future. In order to finance your future, you will more than likely be applying for financial aid. This means you will be filling out your FAFSA. But how will your choice school and your top choices know that you are working on financing college? Federal School Codes.

Federal School Codes are numbers assigned to each school that is qualified to disburse federal student financial aid. These codes are unique and can be searched for while completing your FAFSA. You can also contact your school’s financial aid office for the code. They usually begin with a zero, G, B, OR E and end with numbers.


University of Pittsburgh- 00337900

Carnegie Mellon University- 00324200

Pennsylvania State University- 00332900 

Listing a school on your FAFSA form gives that school’s financial aid office electronic access to your application, where they can then determine your financial aid package.

Not sure where you are going? You can list a maximum of ten schools on your FAFSA.

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