Paperwork, scholarships, grants, loans, deadlines, graduation, decisions…. Ahhhh!!! And on and on with the list of things on your mind as a college student. You almost feel like you need another person to help with everything you need to accomplish, right?

Well, that’s the purpose of this blog--to, in a sense, provide you with information you need to get in touch with that person. If you have never heard of a financial aid advisor, try not feel like you need to start “Googling” to figure out why you are out of the loop. A financial aid advisor is the person who walks alongside you when it comes to financing your college education. He or she can, at least, help alleviate the financial aspect of the college chaos.

You can find a financial aid advisor at your college, although, some colleges do not have financial aid advisors. Check with your school’s financial aid office to see what help they can offer you in this area.

A financial aid advisor will help you fill out all those cumbersome financial aid forms. He or she will help you find and get the best options for your financial needs.

Financial aid advisors, however, are not there to do all the work for you. They do what their title says; they “advise”. I think one of the best parts of having an advisor is that they can also serve as a personal editor. They help you avoid filling out forms such as the FAFSA incorrectly.

If you are the type of student who has trouble organizing and juggling a list of  “to do’s”, a financial aid advisor can help you create a checklist of things to keep your priorities and financial needs in order.

Remember, no financial aid advisor can guarantee you a certain amount of money. They are just there to teach you how to fish— how to fish through all the paperwork, scholarships, grants and decisions with ease. And if for some reason you find that your school does not have a financial aid advisor, look into getting in touch with one of our Financial Aid Consultants. We'd also love to come alongside you and help in any way we can.

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