For a lot of students, attending a couple years of community college is a wise decision. The cost of community college is considerably less than that of a four year college. Students can save a significant amount on tuition, transportation, room, and board. However, parents and students assume that due to the low cost of community college that financial aid is not available for community college. This is not true.

Stafford loans provide thousands of dollars in financial aid for community college students regardless of their family's assets and income level. Students who demonstrate need may receive these loans at low interest rates. Students must be enrolled at least half time and complete a FAFSA form. Perkins loans are also a great option for community college is you are enrolled half-time and can prove substantial financial need. The rates and repayments on Perkin loans offer a signifiant advantage over other loan programs. PLUS loans are also available for parents who are wanting to help provide aid for their community college students. These loans are the parent's responsibility to repay.Pell grants are rather elusive forms of financial aid for a community college student. This is because grant money is never repaid.

Checking with your school's financial aid office may provide an opportunity for state programs. Many states offer programs for community college students who are residents of a particular state. The downside is that these programs are often the first to be cut when a state experienes a budget crisis.A wide variety of private organizations, non-profit organizations, and businesses have scholarship programs available for community college students. Community college scholarships are often more numerous because they are awarded in small amounts whereas the cost of community college is substantially less than that of four year colleges.

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