So you're going to be applying for financial aid for college, eh?  Well, did you know that there are people out there who professionally deal with applications and advice for the FAFSA and CSS Profile?  A person who professionally works with students and financial aid is called a Financial Aid Consultant (FAC).  While the mere thought of aid applications makes many people cringe, these guys do this for fun!  It takes a fine balance of love for numbers, finances, the technical and helping others to do it, but consulting help is there for the taking.  A college Financial Aid Consultant can take the "AH!" out of "FAFSA" for you.  Here's what a FAC can do for you... 

Maximize your financial aid. Your Financial Aid Consultant will...

  • Assist you in searching for scholarships and loans.
  • Help determine eligibility for various forms of aid.
  • Assess the fairness of your financial aid award package.

Be a source of information.  Your Financial Aid Consultant may...

  • Provide you with brochures and booklets on financial aid.
  • Figure out your Expected Financial Contribution (EFC)
  • Guide you through to aid process.

Do the legwork.  Your Consultant will...

  • File your FAFSA and CSS Profile.
  • Get your information where it needs to be by the indicated deadlines.
  • Check accuracy and completeness of forms (if you completed them yourself).
  • Help with financial aid appeals.

Additional assistance is available depending on student status.  Future college students receive a personal situation review, which looks at student's financial situation, including assets, with the goal of improving financial aid eligibility.  Current college students planning for more education can ask for a graduate school analysis to determine their aid eligibility for graduate programs.Our consultants at Go Financial Aid want to make paying for college as easy as humanly possible for you. But why Go Financial Aid?  Check out that link to get the answers, and sign up for financial aid consulting today!   

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