Starting college is exciting.  However, the transition makes students question their finances.  You may think, “How will I ever cover the high costs of going to college?” Quick answer: complete the FAFSA.  Ok, maybe that’s too quick.  Basically, you need to fill out this application because it gives you access to options like government loans and grants.Completing the FAFSA is sometimes easier said than done, however.  Understanding how to complete all necessary information can be as tough as learning a foreign language, as you must make sense of and include tax and family income information.  To make it all easier on you, financial aid consulting is available.  Financial aid consulting includes explaining/assisting with the FAFSA, application filing, scholarship help etc.  Check out what our financial aid consultants can do for you.

We’ve all learned to get the most from what we do, and this includes college and financial aid.  Hiring a consultant for FAFSA filing purposes, or to heighten your understanding of the financial aid process, ensures better accuracy and timely completion of your FAFSA application.  This gets you consideration for every type of aid you qualify for.

Talk to your Financial Aid Consultant about…

  • Know what paperwork is necessary.  Everyone needs the FAFSA, hands down.  But some universities require the submission of the CSS Profile.
  • If you think you can handle work and study together, find out if you are eligible for Work Study.  This is a fabulous way to get financial aid and professional experience at the same time, all the while attending school.
  • Given what they know about you, ask for some relevant scholarship ideas.
  • Is there a scholarship you know you wish to apply for?  Tell ‘em.  Familiar with the opportunity or not, a consultant will be more than happy to provide application advice and help research the scholarship further.
  • Small questions?  No problem.  It’s ok to ask about things like…textbook costs.  Want to save a few bucks?  Third party websites are a nice way to go (this writer learned that lesson after fall semester of freshman year.  $600 for books?  No Thanks).  There are even a few scholarships to cover textbook costs.  Consultants have even more answers to this one.

So, if you are on the brink of a financial aid-induced breakdown, never fear.  Go Financial Aid Consultants are ready to jump in whenever that extra boost is needed, and you will be rid of your college money worries in no time.  For more information about our financial aid consulting packages, visit the solutions page.

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