Mother’s day is approaching, and I’m feeling the pressure to find that perfect gift for my mom. Dates are just like deadlines in my head, rushing around to get everything done before time's up. That same pressure when applying for financial aid is there too! There is a financial aid deadline for applications and material to be sent. Although I’m pretty sure my mom will forgive me if I send her a late present, financial aid distributors and schools will not be as forgiving. As a matter of fact, if you miss the deadline, you miss your money. It’s as simple as that.

One of the most important financial aid applications to complete is your FAFSA. The FAFSA will help you get need-based money—grants, scholarships and loans.

The deadline for the FAFSA is midnight Central Standard Time, June 30, 2011 if you are applying for the 2011-2012 school year. However, meeting the FAFSA financial aid deadline reminds me a bit of Goldilocks & the Three Bears—you can’t be late and you can’t be early when applying. Your timing must be just right.

You are not able to submit your FAFSA before January 1 of the year you are applying to receive aid. Furthermore, if you need to make corrections or update your FAFSA, the deadline to do so is September 15, 2011. Remember that is for corrections or updates only.

The CSS PROFILE has no set deadline, however it should be submitted AT LEAST 2 weeks before your school’s financial aid deadline.

There are several financial aid supplements specific to whatever school you are attending. Openly communicate with your school or school of choices about the financial aid they have available to it’s current or prospective students. Call the financial aid office. Ask questions. Most of all, meet your deadline because if you don’t, all the prep work will have been a waste of time. If you feel you have a problem with deadlines or need additional help, reach out to one of our financial aid consultants for help. We are here to not only guide you through the financial aid process, but to ensure you meet your deadlines.

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