No one ever said college was easy. For the next four years, you should be working hard. Just because you may spend a lot of time studying, that doesn't mean you aren't going to have the need for living expenses.There are options to finance your living expenses.

  • Check bulletin boards for part time jobs. A lot of employers are willing to work with your schooling.
  • Check out the possibility of a work study job that can help aid with your living expenses.
  • Taking out a loan or a loan online. You can take out of student loan to help pay for living expenses. Beware that you will graduate with extra debt. But think about it! Your education may just be worth it!
  • Check out your college's financial aid office. You may qualify for grants that offer living stipends to those who attend college full time.
  • Government assistance. The government may have a program to help aid you with the cost of your living expenses.

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